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Hermes Conference Suite
Charom - Database Creation and Management


Charon is used to import abstracts into the conference database. Charon offers full flexibility to view, edit and reassign abstracts. Also, Charon has features that assist in notifying authors of the receipt of their abstract.

Charon uses a tabbed page interface to group related functions.

Conference Data - These functions allow the structure of the conference to be defined. Divisions, symposia, and organizers are specified and linked here. Also values are set for conference name, default presentation lengths.

Form Data - This is the main abstract import and editing screen. It offers an at-a-glance view of an entire abstract. Changes made here can be written back to the database at will. You'll note that many entries offer audit-fields which show the author's original choices.

Abstract Title - An editor used to edit the abstract's title.

Abstract Body - An editor used to edit the the abstract's body.



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